Curaçao Electronic Border System

Get Your Personal Digital Immigration Card for Curaçao

Curaçao Electronic Border System

Get Your Personal Digital Immigration Card for Curaçao

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Needed to enter Curaçao

Valid for 30 days

Each traveler needs one

For holidays or business


The authorities of Curaçao have put in place strategies and new measures to ensure that your visit to the destination is incredibly pleasant, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of both visitors and the local community.

To comply with the new immigration procedures in Curaçao, it is mandatory for all International Travelers to fill out the Digital Immigration Card Curaçao, aka DI Card Curaçao, within a week (7 days) prior to their departure. The Curaçao Immigration Card is essential for foreign travelers; in fact the Immigration Card is required for the immigration clearance process upon arrival in Curaçao.

Curaçao community and its government body extend a warm welcome to you once more on this captivating island.

DI Card Curacao

Curaçao Digital Immigration Card SUMMARY

Purpose of trip:Holiday, work, transit.
Validity:One entry, each traveler’s needs its own.
Stay:Each visit is limited to 90 days. 180 days maximum in a calendar year.
Delivery time:After completing the payment, a confirmation email is sent within minutes.
Price:USD 52 per Digicard, each visitor needs one.
Application form:Request one using our DI Card Form

Starting from June 5th, 2022, there are currently no specific regulations or protocols related to Covid-19 in effect for individuals arriving in Curaçao.

For any inquiries concerning the Digital Immigration Card, please refer to our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If, by chance, you cannot find the desired answer within the FAQ, please feel free to reach out to us directly using our contact form for further assistance.

3 Simple Steps to Obtain Your Curaçao DI Card:


Fill Out The DI Card application

Complete online the Form. Provide your personal details as shown on your passport. Share details about your staying in Curaçao.


Confirm and Pay with Secure Checkout

Confirm the information provided. Pay with credit card or Paypal on a secure platform. Money Back Guarantee: 100% if your Curaçao card is denied


Receive your Curaçao Immigration Card

Receive by email your unique Barcode along with payment confirmation. Print out the card or store it digitally. Be ready to present it upon arrival

Please Note: Request your Curaçao DICard no later than a week prior your travel.

What is needed to apply online?

passport 1

Passport(s) currently valid

travel 1

Travel itinerary with dates


Working e-mail address

credit card 1

Valid form of payment

Procedure to Request online your Digital Immigration Card?

To successfully apply for your DICard Curaçao, you will need to submit the following information on the Curaçao Immigration Form:
  • Travel Information
  • Review information
  • Personal Info and Passport Details
  • Submit and Pay
  • Phone number and email
  • Receive a confirmation email with your Immigration Card
  • Accept disclaimer and acknowledge statements
  • Keep handy an electronic or print out copy of your Curaçao Digital Immigration Card

DI Card Curaçao Explained

Obtaining a Digital Immigration Card is mandatory for all international travelers. It is essential to possess a valid passport and ensure that you have an active email address accessible to you. 

To successfully fulfill the Digital Immigration Card online requirements, you will need to provide relevant information about yourself, your passport and your travel plans.

Upon submitting the travel application online, an email confirmation of your request will be sent to the provided email address.
This confirmation serves as proof of your eligibility to travel to Curaçao and must be presented and verified during your airline check-in, either as a printed or digital copy.

The newly introduced Digital Card replaces the previous Embarkation-Disembarkation (ED) Card, which all non-resident visitors to Curaçao were required to complete before undergoing immigration procedures. 

In the past, the ED Card was distributed onboard flights to Curaçao; however, it can now be conveniently filled out online, hence the transition to the online ED Card system.


To undergo immigration procedures in Curaçao, it is compulsory for all visitors to complete the Curaçao landing Card and obtain their DI Card. This form can only be accessed and filled out online. 

Once you have successfully filled out the online application, you will be receiving your approved Curaçao Landing Card in the form of PDF document attached to a confirmation email. 

It is important to note that upon arrival in Curaçao, you must be ready to show the approved form either in digital format or as a printed copy.

Only international visitors are eligible to apply online. In Curaçao, an international visitor is defined as an individual who stays for a minimum of one night and a maximum of 90 nights, engaging in leisure, business, or family-related activities. 

It is important to note that during their stay, visitors are not permitted to engage in paid work for local residents or legal entities based in Curaçao. 

Additionally, the total duration of a person’s stay in Curaçao as a visitor cannot exceed 180 days within a single calendar year.

The validity of the Digital Immigration Card commences from the moment you successfully complete the registration process until your flight mentioned in the registry arrives in Curaçao and you receive permission to enter the country.

For your next trip to Curaçao, it is important to obtain an updated Digital Immigration Card with the relevant travel information for your upcoming journey.

As Mentioned above, there is a difference between the new Curaçao Immigration Card and the old Embarkation and Disembarkation document.
The old ED card, traditionally distributed during flights to Curaçao, is a physical document to manually fill out. In contrast, the Digital Immigration Card is its digital and online counterpart. 

However, effective from October 1st 2022, the traditional Embarkation and Disembarkation card will no longer be provided or utilized, thereby making the Digital Curaçao Immigration Card the sole method for fulfilling immigration requirements to enter Curacao.

The new Digital Immigration Card has achieved few obvious goals. Before their trip to Curaçao, visitors have the convenience of completing the Online Immigration Card Form from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, Curacao immigration authorities have the change to screen a passenger before his/her arrival to the country, enhancing the security of the community.


Traveling with minors
Do children also need an approved Digital Immigration Card?

Yes, the Digital Immigration Card must be completed for each traveler and for every trip taken, regardless of age. When parents or guardians are filling out the card on behalf of children traveling with, they are kindly requested to provide their own email address to be used as reference.

Families or Group
Is it possible to submit a single DICard application for all travelers in my group?

No, the Digital Immigration Card is per person and thus each passenger is required to fill out a Digital Immigration Card.
Each individual is required to complete a separate Digital Immigration Card. The card is specific to each traveler, and therefore, it is necessary for every passenger to fill out their own Curacao Immigration card.

Multiple Passports
Can I clear Curaçao Immigration with a different passport than the one used to pull the DICard Curaçao?

No, it is essential that the passport you use to enter Curaçao matches the one provided in the Digital Immigration Card form.

Transiting Curacao
If in transit in Curaçao, do I still need a Digital Immigration Card?

Yes. Travelers in the process of transferring to another airline and require a separate check-in are obligated to complete the Digital Immigration Card.

Canceled or delayed Flight
Is it necessary to submit a new application if my flight is missed or canceled?

No, the approved Digital Immigration Card for Curaçao you have already obtained will remain active and valid for a minimum of one day starting from your original intended arrival date. On the day of your actual arrival in Curaçao, the immigration officers will make the necessary adjustments to your travel date and flight number to match the updated information. 

Fees and processing times

The fees and processing times for your application are as follows:

1. Service Fee: charges a service fee for processing your application. The specific amount is USD 52. Please ensure that you have the necessary funds available to cover this fee.

2. Processing Time: The time it takes to process your application may vary. usually process a successful paid application within 1 hour

Approved DI Card
What to do once my application is approved?

Once your application is successfully submitted, you will receive the Curaçao Travel Registration QR code via email prior to your trip. It is essential to check your email regularly and ensure that you have received the registration document.

After receiving the registration QR, it is important to print a hard copy and keep it with you during your journey. You can also store a file copy on a mobile device or computer, as long as it is available to be shown when requested.

When you arrive at the airport, including during transit, present the Curaçao Travel Registration to the immigration officers for verification.

By following these steps, you will have the necessary documentation ready for inspection by immigration authorities, ensuring a smoother entry process to the Island of Curaçao.

I’m late to apply
Can I apply for Curacao entry requirement 24 hrs before arriving? 

Yes, you will be able to fill out the Digital Immigration Card up to one hour prior to arrival in Curaçao.


To begin the process you will have to complete the Curaçao Immigration Card Application providing all necessary personal information in the designated fields, ensuring accuracy as per your passport details.  Subsequently, complete all essential travel information required. 

Once finished, proceed to the payment and then wait for the Digital Immigration Card to be sent to the email address provided.  Even if you usually do multiple visits to the island, it is not possible to obtain an immigration card with multiple entrances for future travels.

For any future trips to Curaçao, each visitor needs to obtain an updated Digital Immigration Card that aligns with the updated travel information. To accomplish this, please visit the website and submit a new application form.


If an update or edit to an existing Curaçao Immigration Form is needed, here is what you need to do:

Go to and select contact on the top bar menu. Fill out the contact form making sure to send a valid email address, the pass number along with First and Last name of the traveler. Lastly, in the comment box please share what existing information needs to be updated.

Your existing immigration card will then be updated and a new pdf file is going to be sent to the email address provided.

You can choose to download the PDF document from the confirmation email or print out the updated card.


In general, tourists with a valid passport can enter Curaçao with an online travel permit, known as DI Card, and stay for a maximum of 90 days. 

However, certain nationalities, such as Cuba and Haiti, are required to present a tourist visa as part of the entry requirements. Starting from January 2021, also Venezuelan nationals are required to obtain a visa in order to enter Curaçao. 

It is necessary to apply for a visa at least one-month prior the travel date through any representation of the Netherlands in the respective country. 

It’s important for US visitors to have a valid passport for re-entry into the USA.

Nationals from the India, China and Dominican Republic are exempt from applying for a visa if they possess a valid multiple entry visa for the United States, Canada, or the Schengen countries in Europe.

Nationals from the countries below can enter by obtaining a Curaçao Immigration card:

Antigua and Barbuda
French Guiana

Cabo Verde
Cote d’Ivoire

South Africa

Hong Kong
Republic of Korea
Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka

Bosnia and Herzgoniva
Czech Republic
Holy See

United Kingdom


Saint Kitt and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenaldines
Trinidad and Tobago
French Polynesia
New Zealand

VisitorS must have:

  • Passport is valid for the visiting period and not older than 10 years.
  • If requested, support the purpose of your visit with hotel reservation or an invitation from family or friends.
  • Have a valid passport, residence permit, or visa as proof of your ability to return to your country of departure or transit through another country.
  • Do not pose any threats to national security or international relations.
  • Enough funds to cover your stay.
  • Valid medical or travel insurance that covers medical expenses.

Please take note of the following guidelines regarding yellow fever vaccination when traveling to Curaçao:

  • If you are arriving in Curaçao from regions with a yellow fever risk, individuals aged six months and above must possess a valid yellow fever vaccination. Upon arrival in Curaçao, you will be asked to provide proof of your yellow fever vaccination.
  • If you have medical conditions that prevent you from receiving the vaccination, you must present an official document stating your exemption.

COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Curacao has worked diligently to ensure a safe and controlled reopening of our island, keeping the number of infections under control.

The authorities look forward to prioritizing the health and well-being of our visitors and the local community. 

The government is delighted to announce that Curaçao has reopened its doors to many international visitors 

We understand your excitement to bask in the sunshine on Curacao stunning tropical beaches and experience the warm hospitality and relaxed island atmosphere.


Customs regulations in Curaçao align with those found in most countries worldwide.

Non-residents over the age of 18 are allowed to bring 200 cigarettes, 125 grams of tobacco and 25 cigars. One liter of liquor per traveler. Any items exceeding these quantities must be declared. 

If you intend to carry more than $10,000 in cash, it is necessary to declare it.

Prescription drugs, especially those containing narcotics, should be clearly labeled and needs a medical prescription. Unlike in the Netherlands, the possession of even the smallest amount of marijuana or other illegal substances is considered a serious offense in Curaçao.

Please note that it is prohibited to bring corals or conch shells with you when departing from Curaçao.

If you are traveling with valuable jewelry, it is advisable to carry a bill of sale, purchase receipt or insurance policy as proof of prior possession.


Departure tax is an airport facilty tax which residents and visitors to the island need to pay when departing Curaçao. Some airlines have the departure tax included in their ticket price, so if you fly with any of the following airlines you’ve already paid it: American Airlines, KLM, TUI fly, Air Canada, WestJet, Copa Airlines, Avianca, and Surinam Airways.

Airport departure fees are assessed for international destinations at $51.74 USD and $13.74 USD for transfers. The fee for Aruba and St. Martin is $35.74 USD and Bonaire is $19.47 USD. Children under the age of two (2) are exempt from payment.


If your passport is lost or stolen in Curaçao, you will need to file a police report and contact your local embassy or consulate. Depending on your country’s representation in Curaçao, they will be able to help you with emergency documents or further advice on how to proceed.


In contrast to the policies in the Netherlands, it is important to note that marijuana is considered an illegal substance in Curaçao.

The possession and use of even small quantities of marijuana are strictly prohibited by law. Additionally, it is crucial to understand that other illicit drugs, including MDMA, cocaine, heroin, and others, are also illegal in Curaçao.

The penalties associated with drug offenses can be severe and result in significant legal consequences. It is imperative to adhere to these regulations to ensure compliance with the law in Curaçao.


The Digital Immigration Card should be filled out within a maximum of 7 days before your scheduled departure. It is possible to request your card even 24hr before departure, but that could lead to possible delays that would interphere with your travel plan.

The completion of the Digital Immigration Card is compulsory for all international visitors to undergo immigration procedures in Curaçao. This card can solely be filled out electronically.

Once you have finished filling out the form, you will be given the choice to receive your submitted details either as a downloadable PDF document or as a confirmation email with the PDF attached. This confirmation, which must be presented and verified during airline check-in, can be shown in either a printed or digital format.

Upon your arrival in Curaçao, it is necessary to be prepared to provide the completed form to the immigration authorities, either digitally or as a physical printout.

First go to and fill out all required travel information fields. Then, upload your passport or fill out all required passport information as shown in your passport. Thereafter, fill out your contact and personal information. Finally, save the Digital Immigration Card and download the form and/or check your email for a copy of the Digital Immigration Card form.

To begin the process, visit the website and provide all necessary travel information in the designated fields. You will then have the option to upload your passport or enter the required passport details as they appear in your passport. 

Following that, proceed to provide your contact and personal information. 

Once completed, please confirm the provided information e proceed with the payment. Check then your email inbox for a copy of the Digital Immigration Card form.

A visitor is defined as an individual who visit Curaçao for leisure, business, or family matters. He/she stays in tge island for a minimum of one night up to a maximum of 90 nights. 

Additionally, the total duration of a person’s stay in Curaçao as a visitor must not exceed 180 days within a single calendar year.

Please note that during their stay with an immigration card, visitors are prohibited from engaging in any form of compensated work for local residents or legally established entities in Curaçao. 

Yes, you will need to fill out the Digital Immigration card. A resident is a person who is registered in Curaçao and holds a valid registration of residency.

Yes, the completion of the Digital Immigration Card is required. Are exempted only resident of the Island. They are defined as individuals who are officially registered in Curaçao and possesses a valid residency ID.

If you have not received the Digital Immigration Card in your email, please consider checking your Spam Inbox as the email might have been redirected there. If the email is not there, kindly contact us, sending us your date of birth and passport number.

The validity period of the DICard starts from the moment you successfully complete the online registration process and continues until your specified flight arrives in Curaçao, and you are granted entry permission. 

For future trips to Curaçao, it is necessary to pull a new Digital Immigration Card with updated travel details for your new journey.

Yes, your card allow you to stay for a up 90 consecutive days.

Please complete the mandatory fields for passport information manually. Uploading an image of your passport is not obligatory. Ensure that the provided details match exactly as they appear in your passport.

Here below are 4 of the most visited Consulates addresses along with their contact info:


United States Consulate General Curacao
P.O. Box 158, J.B. Gorsiraweg 1, Curacao
Tel: 011-599(9) 433-2200 or +1 301-985-8733

American Citizen

ACS Appointment System  



Consulado General de Colombia en Willemstad, Curazao Hanchi Snoa 25

Atención al público: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m. y de 2:00 p.m. a 5:00 p.m. (tarde con cita previa)

Teléfono local en Willemstad: 5999-4614663 / 5999-4650008


Calle Scharlooweg, N° 9, Willemstad — Curazao

5999 461 4140


Representation of the Netherlands in Willemstad, Curaçao
Scharlooweg 55, Willemstad, Curaçao
Postbus 441
Tel: +599 (0)94 343200
Fax: +599 (0)94 614705

Curacao entry requirements oblige each traveler to obtain a DIcard to clear immigration when entering the island.

Upon arrival in Curaçao, visitors who are 18 years and older and hold a valid passport with a chip, specifically those with Canadian, European, and US nationality, have the option to pass through the eGates for immigration clearance. To utilize the eGates, it is mandatory to have completed the Digital Immigration Card. However, families traveling with children under the age of 18 will be directed to the Immigration officer queue for processing upon their arrival in Curaçao.

Indeed, the ultimate decision regarding admission lies with the immigration officer who possesses the authority to either approve or deny entry into Curaçao. Thus the answer to the question is, No.